Price at the lower spectrum of the existing solutions

Compared to the available solutions for post-stroke rehabilitation, Arm Assist is one of the most inexpensive solutions on the market.

Functionality between the top 3 products in the market

The functionality of the device is comparable with the device sets in the price range from 150 thousand to 250 thousand euros.


Intended for treatment from mild to a severe upper limb impairment

Arm Assist is designed for patients who have signs of upper limb functionality after stroke. However, literature provides options for multiple uses in rehabilitation which are at the discretion of a therapist

Intended for a full process of upper limb rehabilitation

Depending on the initial diagnosis, Arm Assist is covering the whole rehabilitation process of upper limbs with the potential of full recovery.

High Quality

CE Marking

As widely accepted sign for quality CE marking ensures that Arm Assist is conforming with health, safety, and environmental protection standards.

Clinically Tested

Arm Assist has been clinically tested in Spain, the Netherlands, and Serbia.


Can be used at clinics or home

Arm Assist is the device created for simple and easy home and even easier clinical set-up. In just three simple steps, the device is ready for use.

Mobile and Adaptable work environment

The work environment can create as long as flat surface, power are available internet connection.

For Patients

  • Up to 20% higher effectiveness of the treatment

    The studies were done in Spain and Serbia which show that Arm Assist is more effective than conventional therapy. Even though the results vary, the increase in effectiveness was between 10 and 20%.

  • More than 50% reduction in visits

    Assessment of patients who use Arm Assist is done at the start of therapy and based on that information therapists can define the program for patients to follow at home. Therapists can track the data and adjust without patients daily coming to the hospital.

  • Better results after 15 visits

    Study in Belgrade has shown that patients who used Arm Assist have comparably better outcomes than patients in conventional therapy.

  • Therapy continuously adapted to the patient’s needs

    Patients get the best possible treatment since the data from the device in use is monitored and available for therapist. Daily assessment and adjustment can be made to the workout program ensuring maximum efficiency and comfort.

For therapists

  • Continuous patient monitoring

    Every therapist can monitor the patients in his care through instantaneously available data from the Arm Assist. Robotic devices and digitized systems improve the quality of open data and empower therapists to focus on the most effective course of treatment.

  • Multiple patient approach

    Considering the robotic and autonomous nature of the Arm Assist, after initial set-up in more severe cases, therapists do not need to work with one patient, and that enables them to work with groups, making therapy more efficient and increasing capacity of institutions.

  • Improved quality of care and capacity of rehabilitation centers

    ArmAssist represents the cutting-edge technology in the field of robotic neurorehabilitation, and through its’ implementation it is possible to drastically improve the capacity of the institution.


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